Black Creators To Follow And Support

Black Creators To Follow And Support

Black creators are important, talented, and truly inspirational! Here are some of our favorite black creators we look up to and can't get enough of: 


Our Fanola Artist Janae is such a talented hairstylist. She's a textured balayage expert and colorist located in Houston, TX. She is such a pleasure to work with and is the absolute best. All of her clients leave her salon with the BEST hair.



Our Fanola artist, Cre is a Holistic Trichologists and a Hair Growth Specialist. She is also the owner of  the salon HairGasm Stl. Her work is incredible, and her drive and work ethic is absolutely inspiring. 



Grabrielle is both an amazing hairstylist and an amazing beauty influencer. She is the owner of Shades Studio in New Orleans, and her sweetness and talent radiates through every piece of her content! 



Flo is a talented content creator that shares cruelty-free and sustainable hair and skin care brands. We love that her content is real and empowering. Flo also helps influencers grow their social media presence. 



Felicia is the sweetest girl and we are obsessed with her perfect natural curls. What we love about Felicia's content is that she keeps it real when it comes to hair and shares super helpful information to the everyday curly haired girl - she's essentially helped transform so many men and women's hair journey for the better.


Brit is a lifestyle influencer with the best personality and the best hair and best style. She is full of positive vibes, love, and kindness. We always love seeing her positive and beautiful content! 


Mallory Hank-Johnson is a girl boss who also happens to be an epic millennial mama! On top of her incredible and eclectic style, Mallory provides free social media tips and strategies on her podcast, alifebyyou. She also provides a platform for influencers and entrepreneurs to connect and achieve their goals through The Orange Collab. 


Creators we recently discovered: 


Cydnee Black is a beauty and lifestyle influencer with the greatest make up skills we've seen. We adore all her looks and she makes us want to try out a new makeup look every time we see her content. 



Mia is a talented designer and illustrator who has work featured in The Atlantic, Essence Magazine, Twitter, and Gucci! She is also the founder of Rememory Directory, a curated directory of black women! You can check her amazing art at @miacolestudio (our header art was created by her!). 


Karen Spears is an awesome brand architect, designer, and owner of Kareacter. Kareracter is a fabulous woman-led, millennial driven, and minority owned, hybrid creative agency!

Amazing Header Art by: @miacolestudio

Make sure to follow all these amazing creators and check out our resource page to see how you can support the BLM movement!