Battle Of The Scalp Treatment Shampoo's: Sensi Care vs Purity

Battle Of The Scalp Treatment Shampoo's: Sensi Care vs Purity

Sensitive and dry scalp is no joke and can most definitely create a bad hair day. Sensi Care and Purity Shampoo are Fanola's go-to's for any itchy sensitive scalp needs one may encounter. 

Both help with scalp needs so what's the difference between the two? We'll tell you!

Purity Shampoo:

It fights one of the common culprits behind dandruff with piroctone olamine, and a mix of other bacteria fighting elements. It cleans hair down to the scalp to help fix the flaky fiend at the root of the problem. It cleans deep, leaving the hair and head free of the harmful microbes that can cause the dandruff inducing inflammation.

"My scalp has been itchy for the last few months and I cannot figure it out. I've tried the usual head N Shoulders, which works for a bit but then starts to lose its power. This stuff made my scalp feel clean, was so so nicely scented. No itch, no dandruff! My hair stayed clean looking for so long (I don't like to wash my hair too often since I color it and this is perfect). I would recommend this." - Tricia S.

Sensi Care Shampoo

This shampoo is enriched in Aloe Vera and Zanthoxylum B5 for sensitive scalps and helps in reducing the unpleasant sensation of itching. It re-hydrates and re-re-establishes the natural equilibrium of the scalp and prevents redness.

"I have blonde hair, and I have to bleach my hair every two weeks due to bleaching my hair every two weeks I noticed my scalp will have scabs and it will be irritated. My scalp became really sensitive and I started to get dandruff, I heard about this brand thru a friend and I decided to give them a try. I have been using it for a total of 1 month and I notice that my scabs and dandruff are gone. My scalp feels so much softer"- Paulina C.


Conclusion: Both are AMAZING for sensitive and dry scalp needs! 


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