All The Fanola Sprays Explained

All The Fanola Sprays Explained

If you're anything like me then your favorite part of your hair care routine is the sprays. A good spray can be the ultimate game changer for your hair and leave it feeling amazing.

Having a hard time picking the right spray for you? Here are all Fanola's sprays explained:

Nutri Care 10 Action Spray Leave-in Mask

Ten moves in one spray. Whether you're styling damp or dry hair, this spray will restructure, hydrate, and nourish the hair, giving it a soft and silky texture. It will eliminate frizz and reduce your blow drying time so you can keep hair healthy. It also provides a continuous protection from humidity and UV rays.

Ideal For: Those with frizzy dry hair


Fanola Botolife Filler Reconstructor Spray

This spray seals your hair's cuticles, while providing a little extra smoothness, and extra protection from external elements and heal your hair while keeping it shiny.

Ideal For: Color treated hair that needs extra healing



Oro Puro 2-in-1 Illuminating Conditioning Spray

This spray is designed with Argan oil to smooth and detangle hair so you can get a fresh start completely frizz free. Your color will come out gleaming, fully hydrated and brightened by the micro-active gold ingredients that set into the follicle structure.

Ideal For: Color treated hair that tangles easily

Keraterm Hair Ritual progressive smoothing spray thermal-active action

Designed to eliminate frizz and heal and prevent damage from hot tools and chemicals. It has a smoothing combination of Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil which work to nourish and moisturize the hair with keratin proteins. 


Ideal For: Those that use hot tools many times

Nutri Care Bi-Phase Restructuring Leave-In Conditioner

This Leave-In Conditioner renew lifeless hair. It de-tangles and hydrates the hair fibers, leaving hair instantly silky and luminous. Enriched with Keratin and Milk Proteins, eliminates frizz while restoring extraordinary strength and vitality.


Ideal For: dry, frizzy and treated hair.



Anti Frizz Glossing Spray

A fat-free formula that does not stick but makes the hair extremely glossy without tamping it down. Eliminates frizz and is very effective in making the hair static and protects hair from hot tools.

Ideal For: Frizzy hair that goes through multiple rounds of styling with hot tools

Volume Root Spray

Restores volume and statute to the roots, leaving a protective and elastic stick around the root of the hairline.

Ideal For: Fine and lifeless hair.




No Yellow Care Thermo-Protective Cream Lengths And Tips

This spray protects hair from the heat of hairdryers, straighteners and other heating tools. It carries out an anti-oxidazing action, while it seals the hair fibers and prevents split-ends.


Ideal For: Blonde, bleached and lightened hair 

No Yellow Care 2-Phase Potion Bi-phase No Yellow Leave-in Conditioner

This spray wraps the hair stem with an anti-frizz and anti-humidity protective film It minimizes the yellow effect, whilst de-tangles and moisturizes your hair fibers.

Ideal For: blonde, bleached and lightened hair that is exposed to external damage and heat




No Yellow Shield Protective Mist

Thanks to the "Shield Defense" Technology, the No Yellow Shield Protective Mist protects hair from smog, pollution and other external aggressive and oxidant agents.

Ideal For: Blonde, bleached, and lightened hair that is exposed to heat, humidity, and pollution.

Thermal Protective Spray

With its powerful lining that protects your hair from hot tools, this spray makes it easier for the hair to flatten at high temperatures and gives the hair smoothness when styling.

Ideal For: Hair that gets styled with hot tools



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