Adrianna's It's Okay To Be Sensitive Kit

Adrianna's It's Okay To Be Sensitive Kit

Some of us are sensitive, and that is OKAY! If you struggle with sensitive scalp like I do, then you know how difficult but important it is to find the right products for you that won't irritate your scalp. That's why I created the Adrianna's It's Okay To Be Sensitive Scalp Kit!

I know the struggle and pain of having a sensitive scalp but getting tired of constantly trying new products until you find the right one. That's why I made sure to include all my favorite Fanola products that I know will surely be gentle on the scalp but at the same time help achieve the healthy and shiny hair goals you have.

What the kit includes and why I LOVE it:

  • Sensi Care Shampoo (350 ml) - This shampoo absolutely saves my scalp and hair. It refreshes and soothes my scalp to reduce any redness or irritation. This leaves my hair feeling as smooth as ever after every wash. 
  • Nutri Care Bi-Phase Spray (200 ml) - I love sprays that leave my hair feeling lightweight and bouncy and this spray does just that. I like applying this spray right when I get out of the shower, it helps detangle my towel-dried hair and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.
  • Nutri Care Serum (100 ml) - This serum leaves my hair smelling like jolly ranchers and I can’t get enough. If my hair is ever having a dull moment this serum will bring it back to life right away with shine and bounce with just 1-2 drops. I love applying it when my hair is wet because when I end up drying it, it looks like my hair just went through a transformation. 
  • Fiber Fix Bond Connector (350 ml) - I love using this connector as a conditioner on my ends. It will leave my hair feeling unbelievably soft! 
  • Fanola Bright Crystals-Glossing Crystals (100 ml) - This glossing crystal serum is my go-to for when I need my hair to look shiny on the go. I only add in a few drops after styling my hair and it already drastically changes my hair’s appearance in a matter of minutes. 
  • Purity Shampoo (350 ml) - Sensitive scalps get dry sometimes so I use this shampoo to prevent any dryness or irritation on mine! Massaging this on my scalp in the shower helps relieve and prevent any dryness, leaving my scalp and hair feeling refreshed and new. Happy scalp happy life!

If you struggle with sensitive scalp, try out my kit to use some hair care that will surely be gentle on your scalp and give your hair that healthy shine you want!

Shop my kit HERE and get all your sensitive scalp needs!