Accounts To Follow For Major Icy Hair Inspo

Accounts To Follow For Major Icy Hair Inspo

Icy hair is a popular hair goal that of course Fanola supports and loves! If your hair goal is to be an ice queen then you're going to need some hair inspo to bring to your stylist at your next appointment. Here are some major icy hair inspo we are obsessed with and know you will be obsessed with too: 

Phoenix Grey

He's fashionable, fun, and always has the coolest hair. Phoenix Grey gives us major icy hair inspo vibes that we are constantly obsessed with, and we can't get enough of his hair and great outfits!


Lexi Brumback

Cheerleading beauty queen with the iciest hair, Lexi Brumback is major icy hair goals. Her ice queen look matches her sweet and spunky personality! 


Riley Hubtaka

Riley Hubatka is known for her comedy on TikTok and also her phenomenal healthy icy hair. Her hair is completely platinum with an ash tone, and we love how nourished it looks at all times, very important for an ice queen look!


Courtney Hibbs

Courtney's icy hair has the chicest cut and we're here for it. We absolutely love how icy Courtney's hair is and can be an inpso if you're looking for a shorter icy look! 


Ceann Cherry

Fanola Pro Ceann not only has icy hair, but creates amazing icy hair! Check out her page to see even more icy blonde inspo you'll be sure to want for your own hair!


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