A Chat With Ally Yost On Makeup, Self-Care, And How She Got Her Start On TikTok

A Chat With Ally Yost On Makeup, Self-Care, And How She Got Her Start On TikTok

You might know TikTok star, Ally Yost from her perfect makeup looks, relationship-talk videos, or her iconic catch-phrase "Girly Pop!" Not only is Ally a radiant light to watch on TikTok, but she happens to be a professional makeup artist as well. We got the chance to chat with Ally about her love for makeup and her unexpected growth on TikTok.


We love to watch your TikToks because they truly make our day. You are a breath of fresh air!  How did you get your start on TikTok?

I started on TikTok at the beginning of quarantine because I was simply bored and I was looking for something to be entertained with. I was more of a consumer than a producer. Then, I started getting curious and started to get some ideas. I used to have a following on Vine back in the day, so I was just curious to see if I could make some more funny videos as I am very much about humor and just making people happy. I started to make a few TikToks and pretty quickly started to get some traction and exposure, it kind of accidentally happened.  Super grateful that I have gone viral so many times and grown an even bigger audience this time compared to the 200k I had on Vine, I now almost have 1 million followers which is insane! I literally thought Vine was going to be the peak of my existence on social media, very grateful for that.


When did you realize that you blew up on TikTok? 

The moment I realized that I blew up on TikTok was this past July and it took about 4 months for me to really start getting some traction and I made this one TikTok where I was talking about relationships and I got over a million likes on that video. I kept making more and giving the people what they wanted and then I had a few more TikTok's explode after that as well. So that was a really cool moment in my TikTok career!

We see that you are a talented and amazing makeup artist! You share your skills not only on IG but also on YouTube. Where did that passion for makeup come from?

My passion for makeup came at such an early age. My mom sold Mary Kay makeup her entire life and there are photos of me at the age of 5 years old helping my mom set up for the parties when she would have women over for makeovers. I have always been a girly girl growing up, I always wanted my mom to put me in dresses, ponytails, and all the girly things. I had my own Hello Kitty makeup or Barbie makeup right from the get-go so I’ve always had an interest in the beauty industry from the beginning. At the age of 18, when I was finally old enough, I sold Mary Kay Cosmetics for three years, and then I started working at Sephora. Not too long after working at Sephora I started to branch off and started freelancing independently for myself. I have always truly loved working with makeup and I have such a passion for women. I love making women feel beautiful, special, and important because I think us women are absolute superhero's!

Who are some of your icons that you look to for makeup inspiration?

For a really long time, I have always looked up to Jaclyn Hill. I love her when it comes to influencers. I also really love Makeup By Mario, who does makeup for Kim Kardashian. I LOVE Patrick Ta! I am obsessed with Patrick Ta, I think he is outstanding. Another one that I love is Nikki Makeup, she is insane!  Their styles are what my styles have become, very natural and glowy but still glam with a fluffy brow, I love them!

What is a go-to makeup trend you never get tired of?

I will never get tired of a good winged liner moment! I have been doing winged eyeliner for years now. The thing that I have been really into lately is the more smokey wing rather than that sharp liquid liner moment. A winged liner and a fluffy brow are trends that I will never ever get tired of.

If you could pick 3 makeup essentials to live with for the rest of your life, what would they be?

I would 100% need a lip liner for the rest of my life. I need to be lining my lips. I need lip-gloss and I need mascara! If I couldn't have anything else, my lips and my lashes would be the essentials! 


What is a stereotype about the makeup industry that you do not agree with?

I would say that a stereotype that people like to say about the makeup industry or correlate with the makeup industry is that we are very vain and all about ourselves. Of course, I am obsessed with all things beauty and I love doing my own makeup and I love feeling beautiful, but I would say not everyone in the beauty industry is about vanity or are self-centered. If anything, at least the beauty industry that I consider myself to be a part of and look up to are the artists and people that truly have the inspiration of making others feel beautiful and helping them realize their natural beauty and all the features they already have and just enhancing them with makeup. Another one too would be that people are under the impression that makeup is a way of catfishing, which isn't true and not a vibe. I never want anyone to look in the mirror and be like “holy s*** I don’t look like myself!" I think that helping someone feel beautiful for who they are is important.


What is your advice to those that want to become makeup artists?

The best advice that I would give to somebody who is aspiring to be a makeup artist is to practice their butts off. Practice, practice, practice, and practice! You can watch all the tutorials you want and take all the tricks and tips from other makeup artists, which is also really important, but the most important thing to me is practicing all the time, whether it be on yourself or on other people. I definitely suggest and highly suggest challenging yourself and doing makeup on all sorts of different complexion types, different age groups, and different skin tones. That is where you will get the best practice. It is always easy to stay with what you know, for example, let's say you have a fair complexion and you’re really good at doing makeup on fair skin so that is when you should definitely challenge yourself to do it on other types of complexions too.  Also, do it for free! Ask your friends and family and be like, “hey can I just practice on you?” I think that is the biggest thing! Also, stay open-minded and take tips from other makeup artists no matter what their level is because I do believe we can learn something from everyone.


What are some of your favorite self-care activities?

For me, self-care time is literally taking my face off of my computer and my phone and just taking a bubble bath, putting on a face mask, listening to some nice music, and lighting some candles. Oh my gosh, that is my happy place! That is where I get the most self-care, it's when I am relaxing, taking care of myself physically and mentally, and just taking those moments to get away from the black hole of electronics and social media. Also spending physical time with my friends and family. Obviously, it has been hard to do that with everything lately, but I think it is so so important to surround yourself with your friends and family safely which is so good for your mental health.


What are some of your favorite Fanola products?

Girl!! I will never stop obsessing over that purple shampoo, Vegan No Yellow. I have slowly been getting rid of my blonde hair but even for just the blonde pieces in my hair it helps tone my hair immensely and I have never loved a shampoo more! Another one would be the Nutri Care Serum! OMG! It smells like a dream and I am obsessed with how all the Fanola products smell. That serum is amazing. The Nutri Care Restructuring Leave-in Conditioner Spray is also my favorite, my hair has never been silkier!

We had a fantastic time getting to know Ally! You can follow her Instagram @ally_yost and watch her amazing TikTok's @ally_yost