5 ways to prevent split ends

5 ways to prevent split ends

Split ends are no fun for anyone. They may seem inevitable, but there are some easy ways to prevent and heal any split ends you may be facing!


1. Stop brushing your hair when it's wet

As good as it may feel, brushing your hair when wet can cause major breakage to the hair and leaving your hair with so many split ends. Make sure to brush your hair when it's dry to prevent any breakage.

2. Don't overthink and don't overheat

Overheating your hair can cause split ends ASAP. Set you styling tools at a fair temperature, or use a heaty protectant before styling your hair with styling tools. 

3. Be Bougie in and out of sleep

Sleeping with a silk pillow case reduces any friction in your hair. Sleeping on cotton pillows cases can most definitely cause friction , which causes breakage and split ends.

4. No, it doesn't make you a princess if you brush your hair 100 times a day, unfortunately 

That's a myth that we cannot get behind. Over brushing can do more harm than good, so brush a normal amount to avoid any breakage, you're still a princess no matter what.

5. Use the right split end cream

Split end cream can do wonders for your locks and help prevent any further damage. The Nutri Care Split end cream helps to seal the cuticle with a filming, anti-frizz action that helps to repair and prevent split ends. . It increases hydration and elasticity to the hair, carrying restructuring and healing properties.

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