5 Reasons Why Smooth Care Will Be Your New BFF

5 Reasons Why Smooth Care Will Be Your New BFF

Do you have frizzy hair that can't calm down no matter what you do? Do you want to flat iron your hair, but it always seems too frizzy to style? Then Smooth Care is the line for you!

Here are 5 reasons why Smooth Care will be your new bff:

1. You need help with your frizzy hair

Our Smooth Care Shampoo helps maintain a straight-hair lifestyle with a healthy dose of oils. It uses cotton oil to naturally reduce frizz and keep the hair hydrated. It will make sure you always have full control of your hairstyles by keeping the strands soft and free flowing so you won't have to fight it back into straightness every time you style it.

2. You straighten your A LOT

This shampoo is easy and effective, and your hot irons will thank you for the help. It's rich in cotton oil to make straightening easier, and contains linseed oil to reduce frizz and hydrate your hair and to help keep it straight throughout the day. 

3. Your hair is dry AF

For dull, lifeless hair, our Smooth Care care Oil is the right move. The Smoothing Serum is enriched in Linseed Oil that helps protect the strands of the hair from straightening irons. It insulates the hair shaft with a protective film with a thick formulation that mitigates the effects of heat and maintains the moisture in the hair while adding in the needed hydration that gets taken out with irons. 

4. You need some extra shine

The Smooth Care Mask is here to give you that extra pep in your step, with cotton oil and cocoa butter that tackles curly or wavy hair, the active formulation helps keep hair healthy and straight without ruining the structure and vibrancy of the hair, leaving hair with a bright and healthier shine.


5. You want to switch it up

Switch it up and try the Smooth Care line for results that you will be obsessed with! With a great smelling oil, and hydrating shampoo and mask your new hair care routine will be your favorite part of the day. If you style your hair, you need Smooth Care in your life ASAP.


You can purchase Smooth Care HERE to get your hair smooth and shiny!