5 Hair Myths Debunked

5 Hair Myths Debunked

We have all heard our fair share of hair myths, whether that be from our grandma's telling us an old wives' tale, or watching TV shows stuck in the hair past. Fanola is here to debunk those common hair myths that you might have been believing this whole time!

Myth: Pull one grey hair and four come to take its place

Truth: This is false, grey hair is genetic or comes from aging. Removing them won't cause more to grow, although embracing your grey is always something we believe should be celebrated.


Myth: There's bleach in purple shampoo

Truth: There is no bleach in purple shampoo. Purple shampoo releases purple pigment onto your hair that neutralizes yellow tones and color corrects your hair to a yellow free look. It's not dyeing your hair, it's toning its color! 


Myth: Brush your hair 100 times a day for healthy hair

Truth: 100 times is excessive, but yes brushing your hair can help distribute oils around your hair. Too much brushing can cause breakage and thin out your hair, so don't over do it. Continue to brush your hair a normal amount to keep your mane thick and healthy. 


Myth: Wearing A Hat Causes Hair Loss

Truth: Wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. Wearing a very tight hat all day everyday during extremely hot seasons may cause sweating, dandruff, and some light shedding, but wearing a normal fitting hat won't cause extreme hair loss. So feel free to wear that cute, comfortable hat of yours!


Myth: All hairs on your head are the same

Truth: Not all your hairs on your head are the same texture. Some strands may be considered curly, straight, frizzy, etc. That's why its important to take time to curate the perfect hair care routine for your specific hair needs in order to help every single strand on your head! 


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